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By concluding a life insurance contract, the client receives insurance coverage and the opportunity to accumulate funds that, when sent to pay the insurance premium under long-term life insurance contracts, are exempted from personal income tax in accordance with the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

How to ensure a decent standard of living in old age?
How to save money?
Where to get the money if you need serious treatment?
How to ensure the financial well-being of the family in case of loss of the breadwinner?
Insurance programs provide answers that help prepare for joyful events (child education, real estate acquisition, etc.) and create a “safety cushion” in case of sudden unpleasant events.

In his life there is an opportunity to solve a whole range of financial issues.

The advantage of life insurance in our company is an individual approach to each client. All long-term programs are selected and calculated specifically for each specific client, taking into account all factors and wishes. To select a program and conditions for you, you can contact the nearest regional office of the Company.

In the insurance contract, the insurance amount is determined by agreement between the Policyholder and the Insurer.

Long-term life insurance contracts can be concluded by competent individuals or legal entities - residents and non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This is the period established in accordance with the Insurance Rules in case of violation by the Insured of obligations for the timely payment of insurance premiums, during which the Insurance Coverage under the Insurance Contract is not suspended.

The insurer may be granted a grace period equal to 30 (thirty) calendar days. The grace period begins on the date from which the Policyholder was to pay the next Insurance premium.

The grace period may be granted to the Insured no more than two times within one year from the start of the insurance period.

An event upon the occurrence of which the Insurer has an obligation to pay the sum insured.

In accordance with the life insurance contract, the following risks are covered:

a) the survival of the Insured until the end of the Insurance Period;

b) the death of the Insured during the Period of validity of the insurance contract.

Upon the occurrence of an event that may result in the Insurer's obligation to make an insurance payment to the Insured / Beneficiary, it is necessary to submit to the Insurer a written application indicating the bank account details for crediting the payment and attaching the following documents:

a) upon the survival of the Insured Person before the end of the Insurance Period:

a copy of the passport of the Insured Person (with the provision of the original passport for review).
c) upon death of the Insured during the Insurance Period:

copy of the Beneficiary’s passport (with the provision of the original passport for review);
a copy of the death certificate of the Insured Person (with the provision of the original for review);
documents confirming the right to inheritance (in the absence of an order of the Policyholder and the Insured Person on the appointment of the Beneficiary in case of death of the Insured Person);
other available documents indicating the cause of death.

To ensure compliance with the insurance obligations assumed, the Company from the paid insurance premiums forms and places insurance reserves in the manner and on the conditions established by law.

The activities of the Company are carried out in accordance with all requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and are subject to continuous and thorough monitoring by the supervisory and regulatory bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The company invests funds in investment instruments in accordance with the Regulation on the investment activities of the insurer and reinsurer. Registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 16, 2009, No. 1982. for the most part, these are deposits and certificates of deposit of highly reliable banks. This approach helps protect capital.

Tax incentives provided in the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

for legal entities:
Amounts paid by a legal entity as an insurance premium for long-term life insurance relate to other deductible expenses (clause 33 of article 145 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan);

The amount allocated to pay insurance premiums in favor of employees (as well as insurance payments received by them after the contract expiration date) does not accrue a single social payment (Article 307 and Article 172 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan);

for individuals:
salaries and other incomes of individuals allocated to pay insurance premiums for long-term life insurance are not considered as income of individuals and are not subject to income tax (paragraph 13 of article 171, paragraph 28, article 179 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan);

Amounts received by citizens in the form of insurance compensation are not subject to taxation (clause 22 of article 179 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

If an accident occurs, immediately call an ambulance or contact your nearest medical facility. Inform us by phone +998 71 208-77-33 about the insured event, explain the circumstances of the event and get acquainted with the information on the provision of the necessary documents from our contact center specialist.

Life insurance against accidents is necessary not only for representatives of dangerous professions, but also for all of us. This service will allow you to compensate for your medical expenses in case of an accident, to receive financial assistance in case of loss of income due to disability (temporary or permanent). In case of sudden death of the Insured, accident insurance can provide financial support to his relatives.

• for “Death” risk, insurance payment is carried out in the amount of 100% of the insurance amount set for the Insured;

• for the risk of “Persistent Health Damage (Disability)”, the insurance benefit is determined as a percentage of the sum insured, depending on the disability group established by the Insured:

- with disability of group I - 75%,

- in case of disability of the II group - 50%,

- with disability of group III - 30%;

• for “Traumatic Injury and / or Other Health Disorders” risk, the insurance benefit is paid as a percentage of the insurance amount set for the risk, according to the “Insurance Payments Table” approved by the Insurer.

If you apply for a policy to a country participating in the Schengen Agreement for a period of less than 6 months, the validity of the policy will automatically be increased by 15 days for short-term trips (up to 90 days) in accordance with the requirements of the Visa Code of the Schengen Union countries, but the number of insured days remains the same. Thus, within the validity period of the insurance policy, the tourist will be able to change the dates of the trip, provided that the total number of days in the country does not exceed the number of insured days.

In the process of issuing an insurance policy for persons traveling abroad, you may need:
Passport of the insured (the one who draws up the policy).
Passport of the insured (s) (to avoid distortion of name).
The exact dates of birth of each Insured.

Call the numbers indicated on the insurance policy. Organization of assistance in the insurance territory is carried out by REMED Assistance (Remed Assistance).

Yes, you can arrange policies for several people.

Contact us by phone number +998 71 208-77-33

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