The contract term life insurance «ANNUITY LIFE»

The contract term life insurance « ANNUITY LIFE »

(for individuals)

1. Summary of insurance product

The contract term life insurance « ANNUITY LIFE » allowing a get insurance compensation on a monthly basis in the form of annuity payments during the first year of insurance plus the guaranteed income in the form of a bonus and at the end of the insurance period.


2. Benefits of an insurance product

The ability to effectively manage and receive monthly annuity payments;

Income tax exemption;

Insurance cover against the risk of death during the insurance period;

The ability to receive an additional bonus;

Directed funds for life insurance are more painful than placing on bank deposits and savings in US dollars.dollars.

3. The main conditions of the insurance product

The insurance period is 367 days.

The age of the Insured is from 18 to 60 years.

Insured events:

a) the survival of the Insured until the end of the Insurance Period;

b) the survival of the Insured to the date specified in the Insurance Contract, the date of commencement of insurance compensation

in the form of current annuity payments.

c) death of the Insured during the Insurance Period.

The amount of the insured amount is determined by agreement between the Policyholder and the Insurer.

The amount of the insurance amount is established based on the size of the insurance premium and the age of the Insured.

The procedure for paying the insurance premium shall be made in the same manner. 

4. Tax incentives

Amounts of wages and other income of taxpayers directed to pay insurance premiums paid to legal entities licensed to carry out insurance activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan for long-term life insurance (Clause 15, Article 378 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan);

Amounts received by citizens in the form of insurance compensation are not subject to taxation (Clause 4, Article 369 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan).